Managed Detection & Response

Ward off intruders without having to lift a finger

Protecting your physical office is a matter of installing a smart burglar alarm that warns you when someone is roaming around the building outside of office hours. Why wouldn't that work for your IT environment? The Managed Protection & Response service by Networking4all does precisely that.

Networking4all’s Managed Detection & Response helps limit damage to your company by actively responding to suspicious events detected by our smart sensors. Once you install these on all work stations, like your computers or mobile phones, or your servers, you can hand off the care to our security specialists. The smart agents are in contact with our Security Operations Center and warn our security specialists when an event takes place on an endpoint that falls outside of the expected scope, or has been marked as a threat.

Powered by F-Secure

Managed Detection & Response is built on RDR by F-Secure. This smart platform allows our security specialists to act quickly and adequately when a risk is detected. F-Secure RDR is based on machine learning technology, behavioral analysis, and artificial intelligence, and analyses actions on your endpoints from an ever optimising principle.

Executive security for SMEs

Managed Detection & Response is ideal for companies with 10 to 100 work spaces, giving smaller companies the opportunity to make use of the expertise and knowledge of our security specialists, as well as the internationally lauded software by F-Secure.


Your subscription to Managed Detection & Response is based on the number of work stations you wish to protect, and is easy to adjust when your company grows in size. A subscription to Managed Detection & Response is available from €99,80 a month, based on 10 work spaces.

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Your IT security in safe hands

Networking4all takes over the burden of your IT environment security, so you can focus on your core business. Networking4all is a knowledgeable and service-oriented managed security services provider for businesses. We provide products and services to clients of every size from the retail sector, corporate services, ICT, industrial sector, health care, education and government. Our dedicated and hard-working team of security specialists are available every day to help you find the best security solution for your IT environment.